A car, whether you are buying a pre-owned or a brand new vehicle, is an expensive purchase. For a lot of us, paying cash upfront can be an unlikely option. If you are looking for car loan as a means of buying your own set of wheels, Susee Finance can help you. We offer loans to help you buy any type of used car. We provide very reasonable rates of interest, varying between 16%-18% based on the scheme you choose.

Terms & Conditions

Vehicle more than five years will not be considered.
60% of the road price will be paid as loan.
A higher amount may be paid based on the profile of the customer.
The period of payment is 12/18/24 months and the interest rates are 16%, 17%, and 18% respectively.
We support three modes of payment - Direct Cheque and Door-to-Door.
Guarantor for the loan is must.
For new two-wheelers one advance EMI will be collected at the time of loan.
Document charges are applicable.
Party has to Produce their Address Proof, ID Proof and Address Proof / ID Proof of the Guarantor.
For Salaried Person they have to Submit latest Salary Certificate.


Quick and efficient processing of loans in as short as 24 hours. No waiting period.
Insurance for two-wheelers will be arranged.
Convenient rate of interest.
Reliable quick and easy solution from an established financial group.


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